CUCBC Trophies

  1. That Bronze Medals be awarded to the following oarsmen and oarswomen:
    1. The Head of the River crews in the May Races.
    2. The Head of the River crews in the Lent Races.
    3. The winning crew of the University Light Fours.
    4. The winner of the Colquhoun Sculls.
    5. The winner of the Delafield Sculls.
    6. The winning crew of the Magdalene Pairs Race.
    7. The winning crews of the University Coxed Fours divisons.
    8. The winner of the Fairbairn Junior Sculls Race.
    9. The winning crew in the Forster-Fairbairn Trial Pairs Race.
    10. The winners of the Lowe Double Sculls Races.
    11. The winner of the Bushe-Fox Freshmen's Sculls Race.
  2. That all trophies (other than medals) be returned to the Hon. Secretaries by the date of the Getting-On Race for the May Races of the same year.

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