University Fours


  1. That they be raced from the 3rd Monday to the 4th Friday or 4th Monday to the 5th Friday of the Michaelmas Term at the discretion of the Executive Committee, subject to the number of entries.
    1. That entries be divided into a First Division for College First Boats and a Second Division for Second and Lower Boats.
    2. That no Blue, Goldie or Blondie Colour, Lightweight or University Trial Cap, be allowed to row in the Second Division. This Rule shall not apply to coxswains.
    3. That any four entering with two or more May colours rowing be included in the First Division, whether or not that four be its College's First crew.
    4. That first boats from colleges who have their top boat in the third or lower division in both the Lent and the May bumps, may enter the Second Division for the University Fours, subject to approval from the Executive Committee.
    1. That no person currently trialing for a University boat may compete in the University Fours competition without the permission of the relevant President.
    2. That at the relevant President's discretion in order to assist University trials, any two Colleges may form a composite Four to compete in the University Fours competition.
  1. That these be rowed as Timed Races.
  2. That the course be that of the Colquhoun Sculls Race.

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