General Regulations

  1. That the minimum and maximum fine for infringement of any of the Rules in this book (unless otherwise specified and subject to Rule 2) be ten and fifty pounds respectively.
    1. That blatant and/or wilful rule breaking may be penalised by a fine greater than fifty pounds, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
    2. That in exceptional circumstances and/or for repeated rule breaking individuals and/or the offending crews may be further penalised by being banned from forthcoming CUCBC events.
    3. That the Boat Club concerned may appeal to the Senior Committee against such a penalty, at least three of whose members should convene within three days to decide the appeal (not including the Chief Umpire, if this person is a Committee member, should a conflict of interest arise during CUCBC races) and shall either endorse the penalty or have it lowered to the usual ten to fifty pounds range.
    4. That during events, at least three members of the Senior Committee shall convene as soon as is practically possible and that until such an appeal is heard the decision of the Chief Umpire shall stand.
  2. That reports of any infringement of CUCBC rules must be submitted to the CUCBC Executive Committee within 48 hours of the incident concerned.

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