Rights of Way

  1. That below Baitsbite Lock and above Chesterton footbridge each boat keep to its right, the downstream boat giving way to the upstream boat.
    1. That boats going downstream below Chesterton keep to the non-towpath side of the river until after rounding Ditton Corner, when they cross over to the towpath side at the sign.
    2. That after rounding Grassy Corner they cross back to the non-towpath side at the sign, and keep to that side as far as Baitsbite Lock.
    1. That boats going upstream below Chesterton keep to the towpath side until they have reached the middle of the Gut, when they cross over to the non-towpath side, taking the inside of Grassy Corner.
    2. That at the top of the Plough Reach, they cross back to the towpath side (taking the inside of Ditton Corner) and keep to that side all the way up to the Boathouses.
    Note that there are notice boards on the banks to mark the crossing places.
  2. That if there be any danger of collision, the boat going downstream give way to the boat coming upstream.
  3. That all boats (whether going upstream or downstream, and whether rowing or paddling) give way to University crews and Trial Eights, subject to rule 20 and general navigation law.
  4. That no boat has any rights of way when on the wrong side of the river.

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