The Flag is set by the CUCBC Executive Committee to instruct as to which crews may boat given the current river conditions (wind, stream, fog etc.).

Yellow FlagThe flag is currently Yellow
Boating is restricted to University crews, first VIIIs and tub pairs. During Lent Term, any VIIIs in the first or second division of the Lent Bumps may boat. During Easter Term, any VIIIs in the first or second division of the May Bumps may boat. Members of crews permitted to boat under a Yellow Flag may do so in fours or small boats (i.e. single and double sculls and pairs) with the express permission of the Club Captain and/or Boatman.
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N.B. Where the Flag permits a given crew to boat (i.e. green or yellow flag), the final decision lies with the cox and coach as to whether that crew is able to handle the conditions and thus whether boating is appropriate.

Flag Outlook

Provisional yellow for high crosswind gusts tomorrow.
Will be reassessed at 1045 tomorrow, but unlikely to change all day.

The current Flag status can be accessed on a WAP phone (http://m.cucbc.org/).

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Flag updates are also published on Twitter: Follow cucbc on Twitter This can be used to get the flag updates by text. To do this, add your mobile number to your twitter account, follow the CUCBC account and subscribe to updates to the CUCBC account.

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