Noise and Early Mornings

  1. All crews must ensure that they do not create unnecessary noise anywhere on the river before 7.30am.
  2. In particular, loud hailers may not be used anywhere on the towpath, and the use of cox-boxes, and coaching from the bank should be kept to a minimum before 7.30am. Coaching from the bank above the railway bridge is not permitted at all before this time. CUCBC may stop coaches from accompanying crews from the boathouses to the Penny Ferry for breaching this rule.
    1. That the rules of the river, and especially Rules 32 and 33 will be enforced by a system of early morning marshals. The system shall operated by the Executive Committee and the College Boat Clubs will be required to provide marshals according to a rota. Crews violating Rules 32 and 33 will be fined and may be banned from the river. Guidelines for early morning marshals can be found here.
    2. That the marshals shall also enforce the early morning traffic restrictions described in Rule 8.

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