1. Unless otherwise required for safety reasons, or acting on the instructions of an umpire during a race, boats may only spin at Jesus Lock, the Penny Ferry, between the two posts at the bottom of the Long Reach, and by the sign in Baitsbite Reach.
  2. When necessary, boats must queue to spin, and no boat may spin without ascertaining that there is no other boat coming which might be impeded. At the Baitsbite Spinning area and in green flag conditions only, two crews may spin in tandem, providing they do not impede other crews and move off promptly.
  3. That during the ten days preceding the Lent and May Bumps and the week preceding the University Fours Races, no boat may spin between the Little Bridge and Peters Posts except at its own risk.
  4. Once spun, boats must move off immediately or, if pulling on on the Long Reach or Baitsbite, may only do so above the spinning area.
  5. As a trial, for Michaelmas term 2022 only, novice boats travelling downstream only (i.e. from Jesus lock) may spin between Caius and Christ's boathouses, with priority given to boathouses between the spinning zone. This is to be reassessed at the next available captain's meeting following the trial. 

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