Watching the Bumps

Spectators are encouraged to come down and lend their support to crews from their college. You may find the map of the River Cam useful.

How to get there

The Bumps course is downstream of the start of the towpath along the northern side of the river at Chesterton - the former pub (Pike and Eel) there has been demolished and is a building site. The Plough pub, in the village of Fen Ditton on the other bank, is also a popular vantage point, as many bumps occur around Grassy Corner and Ditton Corner. At the pub a river crossing service is available for spectators and race officials and participants between The Plough and the towpath. This service is run by Camboats with profits going to charity. 

The Control Desk is located at the start of the towpath - simply find your way to this point, and carry on walking down the towpath (the entire course is approximately 2.6km):


Spectators are reminded that the towpath during Bumps is very busy, and for safety reasons, all cyclists must be in possession of a valid bank pass. Bank passes for crews are available from your boatclub's captain. Bank parties are limited to four cyclists per crew, and runners are not permitted.


Note that use of megaphones by bank parties is strictly forbidden during racing for coaching or giving distances, but boatmen and coaches may use them to give instructions to crews facing potentially dangerous situations.

Bumps Programmes

Bumps Programmes are available to purchase from the CUCBC Control Desk and the Plough pub during Bumps. The programmes detail the course, race times, crew lists and start order.

Cam FM - 97.2

Cam FM provide live commentary for the Bumps on 97.2 FM and online, and have a frequently updated Bumps mini-site. They are also providing podcasts of the race commentaries, available for download in MP3 format.

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