Captains' Accounts

CUCBC provides website and mail accounts for each captain at each club. All questions relating to mail/website accounts should be directed to


The easiest way to explain the naming of accounts is by example. Using the fictional College "Porterhouse":
PositionUsernameEmail Address
Each club is also given a "mini mailing list" with all its captains subscribed. This is simply the College/club name so in this example would be: »

New Captains - Getting Passwords

Boat Clubs should be able to manage the transfer of passwords from one year's captains to the next. However, if this is not possible then contact the Web Team at webmaster[at] who will be able to reset your mail password for you. Once you have access to your mail password you can request a new website password here. Once you have been given the login details for your accounts, you should change the passwords to something known only to you.

Mail Accounts

You can access your CUCBC mail account using the Webmail facility: » Once logged in you can, if necessary, set the account to forward mail automatically to either your Hermes address or a captain's address maintained by your own club. Use the "settings" page to do this. Mail accounts should be checked regularly as this is where all official CUCBC correspondence is sent. All CUCBC mail accounts are automatically subscribed to the CUCBC Captains' Mailing List.

Display Names

By default, when you send an e-mail from your webmail account, your name will appear in the from field in the format [College Name] [Men/Women/Captain] (e.g. "Porterhouse Men"). If you wish to change this to your own name, go to Settings (top right of the Webmail page) and then Accounts. Where it says "Send Mail As", select "Edit Info" to set the name as you want it to appear.

Website Accounts

You will need your website account for various administrative tasks during the year such as entering crews for Bumps and completing your Club Information Form. You can login to the website using the form on the left or visiting the login page: » You can change your password by selecting My Account on the left (once logged in). The option to change your password is on the Edit tab. If you have forgotten your password you can request a new password to be sent to your CUCBC email account.

Contacting Other Clubs/Captains

Captains logged in to the website can access contact details for other captains via the CUCBC Club Information System: » Club Information System

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