Early Morning Marshalling Instructions

Due to repeated equipment loss, CUCBC no longer supplies EMM equipment. Each club is responsible for providing their marshals with a clipboard, pen, EMM sheet and a copy of these instructions (see attachments below), and ideally a fluorescent bib.

What to bring - Your club should provide:

  1. A copy of these instructions (see attachments below).
  2. EMM sheets (see attachments below) to fill in, logging the boats that are on the water. Don't forget a pen! Sheets can be downloaded here
  3. A sheet that shows the colour and pattern of each college’s oars, so you know who they are (see attachments below). This can be downloaded here.
  4. A fluorescent bib (optional, but recommended)
  5. Details of where you should be stationed, based on the rota


  1. Your club should have told you whether you are Marshal 1 or Marshal 2.
    • Marshal 1 covers the area in front of the boathouses, on the Midsummer Common side, moving up to Riverside between 07:45 and 08:00.
    • Marshal 2 covers the area along the boathouses up to Riverside, then to move to the area Pike and Eel and the Railway Bridge (on the towpath side of the river) between 07:45 and 08:00 (once everyone has boated).
    • Neither of you should remain static, nor should you stick together for your entire shift – please spread out.
  2. You should be in position at Lighting Down (the time shown on the rota).
  3. On your sheets (or in the online form) record each college crew that you see (not just those committing an offence), noting the alphanumeric code on the boat, plus any offences they are committing or other relevant information (see below). Please record each crew only once (i.e. not on both the way out and the way back).
  4. At the end of your shift (8:30am), you are free to head off. Before 5pm on the day of your shift, please take pictures of the sheets and upload them here. If you don't have a Google Account, you can email the pictures of the forms to cucbc [at] cucbc [dot] org.

Your No. 1 Priority is to report and control noise made by crews or coaches. The marshalling system was set up for this purpose and you are there to protect the residents along Riverside and thus avoid the prospect of a complete ban on all rowing before 7:30am. The CUCBC rules on noise that you are there to enforce are:

  • 32. That all crews must not create unnecessary noise anywhere on the river before 7.30am.
  • 33. In particular, loud hailers may not be used anywhere on the river and the use of cox-boxes, and coaching from the bank must be kept to a minimum everywhere on the river before 7.30am. There will be no coaching from the bank above the railway bridge before 7.30am.

To clarify and make the marshalling system consistent: Any coach accompanying their crew before 7:30am should be reported, and any coaching they are undertaking must be additionally reported. Any cox (with or without a cox-box) speaking loud enough for a resident in the houses along the riverside to hear should be reported. Please endeavour to keep coaches and crews quiet without causing excess noise yourself. In an emergency, these rules do not apply. A particularly sensitive area is next to the gate, which leads from Riverside to the Common, and on to Chesterton footbridge. Marshal 2 should spend a good proportion of the time close to this area. However, neither marshal should remain totally static. You are there to enforce the other CUCBC rules, in particular ones pertaining to early mornings, including:

  • 5.c. That no boat may be on the water without lights during the fifteen minutes AFTER lighting down or BEFORE lighting up.
  • 9.a. That no novice crew be unaccompanied.
  • 9.c. That no novice crew be on the river before 7.30am or before fifteen minutes after lighting down, which ever is later.
  • 8. That the CUCBC Executive Committee shall introduce restrictions on the number of boats that may be on the water between Lighting Down and 0830hrs on Mondays to Fridays in Full Michaelmas and Lent Terms as necessary. If and when they are introduced, these restrictions limit each College Club to having a maximum of two boats on the river before 0830hrs.

If you see any of these rules being infringed, or any dangerous behaviour, please note the infringement and attempt, quietly, to resolve the situation, including telling boats to go home if they should not be on the River. You are expected to intervene where it is safe and appropriate to do so. If you experience any problems then the CUCBC Exec Committee can be contacted via emailing cucbc [at] cucbc [dot] org.

At all times, use your common sense. If there has been a hideous crash and people are injured and/or likely to get hypothermia, establish whether it would be appropriate to call an ambulance. If it’s suddenly become very foggy, advise crews to go home and report to CUCBC  – you get the picture.

Thank you for sparing your morning!

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