May Bumps Getting-On Race

Where there are more crews entering the Bumps than there are places on the River, the lowest crews must compete for places in the Getting-On Race. Crews are removed from the lowest division such that there is one place available in the Bumps for every two crews competing in the Getting-On Race (up to a maximum of 17 places). Crews are timed from the upstream side of the A14 Road Bridge to the upstream side of the Railway Bridge and the fastest will qualify for places in the Bumps.


The Getting-On Race for the May Bumps 2022 took place on Friday 10th June.

The following crews managed to get on:


Fitzwilliam III
Peterhouse III
Selwyn III
Clare IV
Emmanuel IV
Jesus IV
Lady Margaret IV
Lady Margaret V



Churchill II
Corpus Christi II
First and Third II
Girton II
Hughes Hall II
Peterhouse II
Downing III
Emmanuel IV
Jesus IV
Caius V


The following crews failed to get on:


Downing IV - 8:26
Hughes Hall III - 8:30
Pembroke IV - 8:37
Christ's IV - 8:47
Robinson III - 8:47
Jesus V (TO) - 9:14
King's III (TO) - 9:16
Peterhouse IV - 9:18
Girton III - 09:22
Sidney Sussex III - 09:41


Peterhouse III - 09:17
Churchill III - 09:20
Selwyn II - 09:26
Wolfson II - 09:28
Newnham IV - 09:31
Queens' IV - 09:32
Homerton III (TO) - 09:38
Magdalene III - 09:55
Newnham V - 10:04
Pembroke IV - 10:07
Christ's III - 10:12

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