Lent Bumps Notes and Fines

Notes and fines from the umpires will be posted here as the week's racing progresses.

​Fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dr Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (seniortreasurer[at]cucbc.org) within 48 hours.


Notes from the Umpires

  • Tomorrow is forecast to be even colder than today, please bring lots of kit to keep warm!
  • Know where your finish is. In particular M4/W4 should not be racing after the railway bridge.
  • Crews should remember that they should not expect there to be an umpire at the finish telling them when to wind it down unless they are genuinely close to making or being bumped
  • All coxes are reminded that lifejackets MUST be outside your outermost layer. They will not do you any good if they auto-inflate under a coat; and quite possibly make it very difficult to swim.
  • A reminder to all cyclists (bank parties, umpires and otherwise) that commuters use the towpath as well - please be wary of them, particularly in the last division of the day.


  • Caius M4 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
  • Caius M2 - Public urination - £85
  • Churchill M2 - Rowing back after the division to fetch dropped blade - Extra bank pass available for suitably trained large dog to fetch next time
  • Clare Hall M1 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
  • Corpus Christi W1 - Foul language - warning; not acceptable even when directed at your own crew
  • Corpus Christi W1 - Incompetent marshalling - £20
  • Darwin W2 - Forgot bung, no advantage - £15
  • Darwin W1 - Pulling into station facing the lock - Back it down for Thursday's race.
  • First and Third M3 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
  • Hughes Hall W1 - Excessive greenery - Plant sufficient trees to restore balance to the planet
  • Jesus W3 - Failure to clear - £30
  • Jesus M3 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
  • King's M2 - Leaving a snapped blade floating in the river for the umpires to play hook-a-duck with - Provide further games for the umpires after each day's racing
  • Lady Margaret W3 - Cox's early celebration - £20
  • Lady Margaret W3 - Cox's failure to instruct crew to hold it up - £20
  • Lucy Cavendish W2 - No lifejacket - £50
  • Lucy Cavendish W2 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
  • Murray Edwards W2 - Singing in boat - prepare an opera for Saturday's race
  • Selwyn W1 - Failure to row into a stationary crew - cox to come and claim a chocolate-based prize from control
  • Trinity Hall W2 - Celebrating before clearing - £30
  • Wolfson M1 - Illegal practice start - £50


Notes from the Umpires

  • River and racing conditions update: Having run two divisions today, we regretfully concluded that, while the river itself was rowable, worsening conditions on the towpath meant that we had to cancel the remaining divisions for safety reasons (even having already reduced the bank party size to a maximum of 2 cyclists). Current temperatures are well below zero, with -5 or lower forecast overnight, with tomorrow not likely to get above freezing. There is also the possibility of further snow. Realistically this means that conditions on the towpath are unlikely to improve between now and scheduled racing tomorrow, and there is also a reasonable chance of ice forming on the river itself. None of CUCBC, the Cam Conservators or the County Council are able to grit the towpath and further snow would leave gritting at this stage unlikely to make a difference anyway. We will inspect the river and towpath tomorrow, initially at 11.00 and also prior to the scheduled start of racing. We will keep captains and clubs updated as to the possibility of racing tomorrow, and will circulate a final decision on Thursday's racing by 1.00 at the latest (i.e. before M4/W4 crews boat). We will similarly make daily decisions for the remainder of the week.

    The Chief Umpires have considered whether there are any alternative arrangements that would allow us to proceed with racing some, if not all, divisions. In particular we have considered lining the bank with static umpires with a very limited number of CUs/DCUs accommpanying each decision on bikes. We have come to the conclusion that within the current constraints of weather, established racing practice and manpower this would not provide an environment where we could effectively deal with the full range of plausible racing incidents. While our discussions are ongoing, the current thinking is that we will either run a conventional Bumps race, or not run any race at all.

    Further updates will follow tomorrow morning and later in the week.


  • Homerton W2 - Escessive Bank Party - £30
  • Homerton M2 - Illegal practice start - £50
  • Homerton M2 - Rowing into a stationary crew - £40
  • Queens' W2 - Failure to concede - £50
  • Queens' W2 - Dangerous Coxing - £50
  • St. Catharine's W2 - Failure to easy - £50
  • Wolfson M2 - Excessive bank party - £30


Notes from the Umpires

  • We have assessed both river and towpath conditions mid morning today, and after careful discussion the CUs have decided that the combination of very low temperature, high wind and windchill, and frozen towpath surface, mean that racing cannot safely take place today, Thursday.

    Today's racing is therefore cancelled completely due to safety reasons, and in particular the risks of consequences that could rapidly become extremely serious in the event of significant delays or accidents during racing.

    The Cambridgeshire County Council Highways division have given permission for independent gritting of the towpath. Unfortunately the CUCBC committees do not have the person power to get anywhere near to achieving this, but we would be happy for colleges to have a go if they can. Please note however that this is not a guarantee that gritting the towpath will guarantee we can run races; the salt may not clear the towpath sufficiently, further snow and/or ice could cover it up and make it unsafe again, the river could freeze, or the air temperature / wind chill could be so cold we can't risk people sitting around stationary, etc. - you get the idea; it's not a guarantee, but it would certainly help improve the odds.

    If you do wish to help, rock salt can be purchased from many of the builders merchants in and around Cambridge. Please keep your own well-being in mind, and ensure you have suitable footwear to stay upright and sufficient clothing and hot drinks etc. to keep warm. Under no circumstances should anyone be pressured into going down onto the towpath if they do not willingly volunteer. Please also take note of the instructions at the links below; gritting will be far more effective if the compacted snow and ice can be cleared from the towpath before spreading the salt.

    Advice from Cambridge County Council - Advice from Department for Transport

    We would caution that with a further very cold night forecast and subzero temperatures and snow on Friday in the daytime, no significant improvement in conditions currently looks likely, but we will again assess later today and tomorrow morning.


Notes from the Umpires

  • The CUCBC Commitees are extremely grateful to everyone who gave up their evening and morning to help shovel and grit the towpath. It was a major organisational and logistical accomplishment, and racing would not have gone ahead today without you. Thank You!
  • Assuming racing can go ahead tomorrow, it is essential that crews marshal on time, as the Chief Umpires would like to start the guns of each division as soon as everyone is on station. We can't do that if the next division is not all pulled in on time.


  • Clare M1 - Late to marshalling - £20
  • Emma W2 - Excessive Bank Party - £30
  • Emmanuel W1 - Escessive Bank Party - £30
  • Emmanual W1 - Tactical crab to prevent bumping and enable overbump - Master Tactician Achievement Unlocked!
  • Emmanuel M1 - Excessive Bank Party - £30
  • First and Third W1 - Late to marshalling - £20
  • First and Third W1 - Easying upon being bumped - £30
  • First and Third M1 - Failure to clear - £30
  • Girton M1 - Late to marshalling - £20
  • King's W1 - Late to marshalling - £20
  • Lady Margaret M1 - Late to marshalling - £20
  • Lucy Cavendish W2 - Failure to pay lifejacket hire charge - a nicer bottle of wine
  • Murray Edwards W1 - Failure to clear effectively - £20
  • Pembroke M1 - Excessive Bank Party - £30
  • Pembroke M1 - Excessive Bank Party - £45
  • Robinson M1 - Early Celebration - £20
  • Robinson M1 - Failure to clear - £30
  • Wolfson M1 - Late to marshalling - £10


Notes from the Umpires

  • The CUCBC Commitees would like to extend their sincere thanks to everyone who gave up their Saturday morning to once again clear the towpath and allow racing to go ahead.
  • Congratulations to Jesus W1 and Lady Margaret M1 for retaining their respective headships.


  • Churchill M2 - Late concession - £15
  • Churchill W1 - Excessive bank party - £30
  • Clare M1 - Excessive bank party - £30
  • First and Third M2 - Failure to concede - £40
  • Fitzwilliam M2 - Illegal practice start - £30
  • Fitzwilliam M2 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
  • Fitzwilliam M1 - Late to marshalling - £10
  • Hughes Hall (M4 division) - Umpire not impartial (incorrectly cycling with Hughes M2 and cheering for them) - Warning
  • Jesus M2 - Late to marshalling - £10
  • King's W2 - Excessive greenery - help Hughes Hall with tree planting
  • Lady Margaret M2 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
  • Lucy Cavendish W2 - Failure to clear - £50
  • Lucy Cavendish W2 - Dangerous Coxing - £50
  • Pembroke W3 - Late to marshalling - £20
  • Pembroke W3 - Dangerous Coxing - £50
  • Queens' M4 - Late to marshalling - £20
  • St Catharine's M3 - Delaying crews rowing home to discuss Grassy line - share your insightful knowledge with everyone on the coxes list
  • St Catharine's M2 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
  • St Edmund's M2 - Dropped bung, advantage, but no impact on race outcome - £25
  • St Edmund's W2 - Poor clearing - £20

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